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Pet Memorial Gift Custom Pet Portrait Clone

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Pet Memorial Gift Custom Pet Portrait Clone

This product is a handmade work made of wool by artist based on the pet’s photo you sent, to restore the appearance of your pet. If your pet passes away, making a portrait of it will be a fantastic gift to memorize your pet. It can be used as an art collection at home or as a pet memorial gift for a friend.

Compatible file extensions to upload: png, jpg

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Customization Duration: 2-6 weeks.  

Size: 4x6 in.

Materials: Wool.           

Customization process:

1. Upload multi-angle photos of your pet, including at least the face photos of your pet in front view, rear view, top view and upward view. (The full-length photos of your pet in front view, rear view, top view and upward view). In order to make the portrait in maximal quality, please make sure to send me the high-resolution photo as possible as you can.

2. We will make the product within 2-6 weeks, and the finished product will be sent by email for your confirmation.

3. After you confirm the email, we will mail you the custom pet portrait clone , and it is expected to be delivered to you in 1-2 weeks.

Special note: Due to the different features of different pets, the pricing is also different. We need to price according to the photos of your pet. Please pay the deposit first, and we will send the specific price to you by email. Most of clone dolls are well made and the customers like them very much. We can try to make a few modifications based on your requirement after we accomplish the clone doll. Please so kind to understand that the clone need a lot time and cost, so the refund can only be 50% of the selling price if you do want the doll.

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