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Pet Memorial Gift Custom Pet Paw Print Photo Frame

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Pet Memorial Gift Custom Pet Paw Print Photo Frame

This product is made of high-quality clay. You need help printing your pet's paw on the pad. After the ink pad is air-dried, it is required to enclose the ink pad in a photo frame and place a picture of the pet next to it. This product will be a great pet memorial gift when new members of your family join in, recording the most precious moments of pets.

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  •  Frame size: 11 x 9 in;
  •  Inkpad size: 6.3 x 4.7 in;
  •  Photo size: 2.75 x 2.75 in;

Materials: Clay, Pine photo frame.


1. Take the ink pad out of the packaging bag and knead it for about a minute to make the ink pad soft. In this case, the imprinting effect is more obvious;

2. Face the folds of the ink pad facing the photo frame, facing upwards smoothly, and slowly press out with your palm. After pressing flat, wipe fingerprints with the palm or smooth cardboard or plastic board.

3. Gently press the pet's foot on the ink pad.

4. The finished ink pad should be air-dried naturally. It is forbidden to be placed under direct sunshine, in an oven or vent to accelerate it to harden.

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